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6 Dec 2008

: the theremin :

If you've watched a classic film you've likely heard the sound of this instrument. And I can't listen to it without conjuring up some B&W scene in my mind.

Unlike just about every other instrument, this one you don't touch. It's notoriously difficult to master. I mean, there's no keys or anywhere specific to put your fingers or any physical feedback like tension for Pete's sake! The player relies solely on her ear.

You can hear it during this scene from The Lost Weekend where the actor gets hallucinations from alcohol withdrawal. It was often used for eerie atmospheres.

Apparently the instrument became popular amongst avante-garde musicians. Lydia Kavina was protégée of Léon Theremin who invented the instrument. She has played for ballets and other performances. Players are called thereminists. It's really quite surreal to watch.


  1. Isn't it amazing stuff? Strange sorcery indeed! Oh and I love your new space - the purple is luscious. And I'm excited about the range of topics you'll be exploring here too.

  2. Hello lovely, I hope this one is just as enjoyable as the last for you!

  3. Fascinating instrument and very nice post. I've jumped out of the Bohemian Shoebox and into the shadows!

  4. chuckle, good to have you hear :)