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5 Dec 2008

{see} pavement artists

I have come across Tibetan sand mandalas a few times in the last weeks, and was thinking of modern artists, who let go of their art.

I have a special admiration for pavement artists. Very bohemian of course. It's their willingness to create beauty that is impermanent. That level of letting go fills me with awe.

But there's so much more - so urban, earthy, making art about as accessible as it can get, bringing it down from its loftiness...

The grand masters have to be the ones who create illusions.

Kurt Wenner took a technique used in frescoed ceilings, to give the illusion of height, and applied it to the floor. He began back in 1982 and now it's become a phenomenon, usually referred to as 3D street painting/art.

Because passerbys can watch the artist at work, it's fine art and performace. And because it's possible to chat with the artist, it's somewhat interactive as well.

It's not all fine art either. Street artists are often commisioned to create advertising pieces. Talk about grabbing people's attention for your business!

And many provide humour and fun. Julian Beever is a well-known pavement artist and my fave.

Isn't his perspective wild?

You can tell this guy has a blast creating these.

And, rare, a woman, Ulla.

To think they're all going to be rained on, walked on... makes me feel so silly when I get all precious about one of my zendoodles!


  1. I have never seen any of these on the street, and they are amazing. Gazing at the illusion of height in centuries-old frescoes is a pet hobby of mine, so I would really appreciate seeing first hand these modern-day illusions of depth.

  2. What amazing artists--thank you for posting!!

  3. Ohh, I LOVE these. They are so brilliant.

  4. I love these. I always stop to look at what they're making when I come across them and end having to be dragged away.

  5. Wow, those humorous ones are amazing! I love them!

    You know, I can really appreciate the impermanence of these, now. The work I've created lately, I have no use for. It was great creating it...but what the heck am I going to do with it? Store it away forever? Might as well just take a photo and let it wash away in the rain.

    Okay, so maybe it would be hard to let it go...I can hardly delete a photograph I've taken, even if it's not very good.

  6. Oh wow... what a trip. These are so fantastic!