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8 Dec 2008

{see} Italian nightmares

I remember back during my Fine Arts degree days, when students would begin with a fervor for a particular artistic medium and find themselves shifting or sometimes thrown into a different one. I have seen it with many artists. Those that begin photographing their sculptures discover that their photos not only have their own beauty but sometimes surpass the original work.

The Italian artist Roberto Kusterle was an installation artist during the 70's who was seduced by photography in the late 80's.

I adore his work. It's the stuff of nightmare that the glinty reason of day dismisses as simply, odd. But back in the shadows, we fight sleep.




We fight it, because it's not just what we saw, but what we knew...


  1. Some art is meant to be disturbing, and that's just what a couple of these do to me...they disturb me. But I find the one with the hands interesting, and the one with the birds is beautiful!

  2. this is fabulous! I find it beautiful, actually. I wonder that I haven't stumbled across this artist before.